Most popular document finishing methods around

Plastic comb binding is, without a doubt, one of the most popular document finishing methods around. As for the machine, here’s a look at it. This will help you determine what you need to use for your particular document.

* Selecting the right supplies is easy because the Paperlock has a comb sizing guide.

* With the Paperlock, you can create books that contain up to 200 pages, so you can work with both short and long documents. It doesn’t punch paper, so you’ll either need a separate punch or a traditional comb binding machine to get your pages ready.

* You’re going to be limited to working with letter-sized documents that measure 8. Its dimensions are 17" (width) x 12.

The details:

* Plastic combs aren’t compatible with the Paperlock. These supplies securely bind your books so you won’t need to worry about pages falling out. If the lack of a punch is troublesome, you should keep in mind that by buying the Paperlock, you’re going to wind up with two binding methods, so you’ll really have a lot of options.5" x 11".

Although the Prima Paperlock lacks a punching mechanism, this is still an intriguing device.

* This machine only binds. Using paper combs instead of plastic ones is an idea whose time has come since everyone is concerned about the environment these days. Luckily, you can now use paper combs instead of plastic ones thanks to the Prima Paperlock Eco-Comb Binding Machine.5 (length) x 12" (height). So if being good to the environment is important to you, consider purchasing this device. To use it, you’ll need to use Eco-Comb supplies which are essentially binding combs made from paper not plastic.

* This is actually very compact machine so you won’t need to make a lot of room for it. You’ll be helping the environment while also producing high-quality documents. These supplies use the same 19-hole pattern as plastic comb binding but, as mentioned above, the combs are recyclable and thus, much more environmentally friendly. These combs are totally recyclable and give your documents the look of a perfectly bound book. However, it’s not the most environmentally friendly because it can be difficult to recycle a document that’s been bound with plastic combs. This device only weighs 22 pounds so moving it around won’t be too hard. However, left-handed users should be aware that the handle is on the right side of the machine, so using it could be challenging.

* The Paperlock has a nice contemporary look to it. Documents bound with these supplies stack and mail easily, so they’re a good choice if you regularly send out books. Plus, the documents you bind with this machine will look just as good as ones bound with plastic combs and you’ll be able to stack 718 steel Suppliers in China and them a lot easier. This is because the machine lacks disengageable dies. Plus, they come in three sizes (small, medium, large) and lots of colors, so you’ll definitely find the right comb for your project.

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